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"words to live by"...

Wednesday, January 13

so... i've been working on a project the past couple of days.
a project completely inspired by a sit-down family meeting we had recently.
a meeting to discuss/review some family values/rules.
we talked about having the girls make a poster of the words we came up with.

and then i thought...
"let's turn this into a permanent fixture in our home..."
something WE can enjoy and refer to often...
but something OTHERS will enjoy when they visit...

here's what i have so far:

what do you think?
"BE...a good listener"

still fine-tuning some things but pretty cute, huh?
i can totally see this printed onto canvas...
how about you?
ok then.
it's decided.
canvas it is!
i'll definitely share once i have it mounted & displayed.
LOVE it!

what are some of the "words to live by" in your household?
pssst....start making a list of your own!
that's a super BIG hint for something REALLY fun i'm going to be announcing in the next day or two...
so get to making that list...

although clara and ema made several suggestions for the list, it was like pulling teeth to get more than 3 or 4 out of them. so... after much frustration, I finally just finished the list all by myself. *wink*


5th Belle Avenue said...

I LOVE THIS! What a fantastic idea! I think my hubsy and I may have to do this and display it in our home. Fabulous!

Renee said...

This is soooo neat. This is such a wonderful and creative way to share family time together. I love it. Thanks for sharing, Jess!

Anonymous said...

Totally love this idea and it would look awesome printed on canvas. Such a neat piece of artwork for your home. I've always wanted to get a photo or something I've created printed on canvas, like 16x20 size. Do you know of a good place to get this done? It usually is quite expensive and would like a recommendation of a place that's good before spending that much money. Thanks. -Amy

Unknown said...

Amy - I'm finding out...just as you said...the canvas is WAY expensive. I'm looking at $55 for a 10x10. YIKES!

I tried looking into Costco's pricing for canvas but since I'm not a member..shame on me...the only thing I've been able to find is that the prices start at $29. I'm not sure what sizes they offer.

I'm looking into some alternative printing options right now. (ie. adding texture to the print, etc.) I'll definitely be posting my findings.

and hugs for the comment...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for getting back to me so fast! I never even thought of Costco offering canvas printing. I am a member and looked on their site, here is what they offer, sizes & prices: "Turn your favorite photos into art with these stunning, professional quality canvas prints. Mix and match sizes to create your own family photo wall or give as an unforgettable gift for any occasion.
"Gallery wrapped" – ready to hang
Special "fine art" protective coating
UV light protection
Prevents fading and cracking
Easy to clean

$29.99 - 8x10
$34.99 - 11x14
$39.99 - 12x16
$49.99 - 16x20
$54.99 - 18x24
$69.99 - 20x30
$79.99 - 24x32
$39.99 - 14x14
$79.99 - 16x32
$99.99 - 16x48

Costco's prices look a little cheaper then most places. Thanks for your help. Look forward to seeing how your project turns out! Have a great weekend! - Amy

Unknown said...

thanks so much for the breakdown on the pricing from costco...LOVE that you sent this to me.

looks like i only have one option if i want a square print...14x14 @ 39.99 - better than $55...*wink*

can't wait to see the finished product...i'll share.

thanks again for the information...

Anonymous said...

Jess, this is so creative, so you:) I love it! I would hang it up in my kitchen, that is where we are the most and could be reminded on a daily basis. If I were to add to it I would add BE open to possibilities!


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