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{gluten-free} peanut butter cookies

Wednesday, February 24

and so the journey has begun...
after a visit to the doctor on monday, i've committed to go 30 days gluten-free.
i thought this was a reasonable sacrifice...
considering the $500 lab fee i would incur for food allergy testing.
i shared my commitment with ema over breakfast yesterday morning.
she whole-heartedly volunteered to make the trek with me.
we quickly skimmed the internet & a long list of foods we COULDN'T have...
and that was pretty discouraging for her.
after packing her a gluten-free lunch to take to school...
and thinking about her sweet gesture to tag along with me on this journey...
i spontaneously decided -
at 3 o'clock in the afternoon -
to make these half-dollar sized gluten-free peanut butter cookies.
needless to say, it put a little "spring" back in ema's step when she returned home from school.

i must say...
they are REALLY easy...
and pretty darn tasty.
they aren't absolutely "to-die-for" in my opinion...
but what's not to love about peanut butter and sugar?
(and trust me...there's A LOT of sugar).

a side benefit to having made these?
it meets the requirements for TWO of my goals #11 & #39...

before i sign off -
as of yesterday morning,
we've officially received the "approval" from the bank.
they have indeed accepted our offer on the short sale we've been trying to buy since august/september.
we are beside ourselves.
completely excited.
completely relieved to finally have an answer.
and mostly...
we feel SO fortunate.
it's a GORGEOUS home.
we must close by march 30th.
the inspection is scheduled for today.
wish us luck!

Keeping It Real
I was SO excited to make the peanut butter cookies with Em yesterday.
she had invited a friend over and they ended up making the cookies together. (*sniffle*)
I was kind of looking forward to the "together-time".
But you's okay.
They had a lot of fun together - & it'd been awhile since they hung out together.
And i LOVE to hear/watch my kids having fun/interacting with their friends.
Besides, I got to do the 2nd batch all by myself (after they ran off to play and totally forgot to put the first batch in the oven).
And baking by myself is really nice too.
Don't worry. They came back to sample some...*wink*


Unknown said...

I have a gluten sensitivity and cookies always make me feel better too! Congrats on the house too!

Kim @
party inspiration

Unknown said...

oh my gosh, goood luck with the home! how exciting!!!

those cookies look great!

Christina Dann said...

Amazing news on your new home! We bought a short sale last January (when I was 9 months pregnant!) and while it was rushed, it was definitely worth it!

Rhonna Farrer said...

you can do it, girl. it's hard to adjust, but it's possible.

one thing i've learned:
focus on what you CAN eat, not what you CAN"t eat.

then, it doesn't seem so daunting & depressing! LOL!

hugs, my dear!

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