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by candlelight...

Monday, February 15

clara and ema were gone for the night.
ella had just been put to bed.
chicken salad sandwiches were prepared earlier.
strawberries washed.
blankets were layed out on the hardwood floor.
tealights were lit.
lights were out.
music was softly playing in the background...
we exchanged cards...
and kisses...

it was the perfect way to end the weekend...

what did YOU do for valentine's day?

hugs to you on this beautiful, cold monday morning...

Keeping It Real:
#1: i was STARVING by the time we sat down to enjoy our little picnic.
(waiting until ella was in bed proved to be a LATE dinner).
#2: wax was spilled on the floor when j attempted to move one of the candles.
#3: i wish i could've made the picnic a little more special by wrapping the sandwiches in pretty paper...creating drink wraps...etc. (next year)
#4: goal #10...DONE! yea!!!

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