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the happy meal...

Tuesday, February 23

we come up with a lot of creative analogies in our house.
#1: because i'm a deep thinker
#2: because j is quick-witted

today's post is an analogy about the "happy meal"...
(this all derived from a very "heated" walk on the treadmill this morning)...*wink*

i think it's pretty safe to say most of us have eaten a happy meal.
and if we haven't eaten one, we've purchased one for someone else to consume.
it's REALLY convenient.
it's fast.
it's easy.
& it's satisfying...
to an extent...

is it the BEST choice?
is it a HEALTHY choice?

but we do it anyway.

and that's what has me so fired up this morning.
how many of us indulge in "happy meals"?
not the "actual" happy meals from the golden arches...
i'm referring to the "happy meals" of life...
- settling for less.
- expecting less.
- accepting the status quo.
- choosing the path of least resistance.
- giving up on our dreams
- losing hope.

filling ourselves with those "happy meals" leave us feeling...
bloated! *wink*
& even starving.

bottom line is this.
why don't we hold out for the "real meal"?
the meal that has unsurpassed quality.
the meal using the freshest ingredients.
the one that satisfies every nutritional requirement.
the meal you walk away from nourished, satisfied, inspired & enlightened by.
the meal you can't stop talking about for months.
you know the meal i'm talking about.

the definition of a "real meal" is different for all of us.
but the craving is universal.

isn't it time we expect more for ourselves?
do we all need a visual here?
let me help you...

settling on the "happy meals" of life would be like:

eating these...

...instead of these

or driving this...

instead of this... maybe the "tricked-out" hello kitty bug isn't your thing...
but you get what i'm saying?
don't you?

if you've pushed some of your dreams to the side & thought:
"it's too late"
"i'm not good enough"
"i don't deserve that"
"this is just how things are"

forget it people!
you are important enough to be treated to a gourmet meal.
stop going through the drive-thrus!
fill yourself up with wholesome goodness by following your dreams.

put the "happy meal" down and step away from the car!
turn around
& put your hands in the air...
and then seize the day...
because every day is an opportunity.
an opportunity to better ourself.
our life.
our world.

stop making excuses.
stop with the "should haves".
replace your paper napkins with cloth...
your plastic utensils with silver...
i'm tired of the happy meals...
it's time for some gourmet cuisine...
bon appetit!

Keeping It Real
i post things like this to motivate and inspire MYSELF...
i'm really talking to MYSELF...
so if anyone else benefits from it - then it's just the icing on the cake! *wink*
and if some of you are wondering, "where did this come from?"...
don't worry...
we'll be back to regularly scheduled posts...


Christina Dann said...


This post could not have come at a better time for me (inspiration wise).

I've been toying with the idea of making a career change to something that makes me 'happy' and what a sweet twist of fate to read this post while my mind is wandering in the la-la land of what I wish I was spending my days doing.

Thank you for this inspirational post!

Anonymous said...

You did an amazing job of taking a mundane item and turning it into something fabulous! Thanks! We all need to go gourmet!!

Alison said...

For the last week, or maybe it's been a month now... I've been toying with replacing all of my mismatched plastic plates (some are 20+ years old) with some nice new casual plates. "what does it matter..." "it's just a silly plate..." "why should I care if the plates are ugly and mismatched..." those are the thoughts I have been fighting.

Those plates are stinkin' happy meals!!! Thanks for the kick in the pants that I needed to just do it! Going to Amazon right now...

Unknown said...

hugs to you all...christina, tirzah & alison...i LOVE that you were inspired by this post...

YOU inspire ME...

Alison said...

I bought my new plates!!! And it has totally inspired me to get rid of some other 'happy meal' stuff.

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