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{gluten-free} energy pops

Tuesday, March 2

my very first gluten-free snack...
(if you don't count the gluten-free peanut butter cookies from last week). *wink*

i call these energy "pops" - because they are tiny enough to just "pop'em" in your mouth.
these are intended to be cut into "bars" but i liked the idea of a cute round "pop" instead.
they DID turn out cute, didn't they? *wink*
they are actually pretty darn tasty and weren't difficult to make at all.
ema took some with her to school and i've had a few "pops" already today...

peanut butter
agave nectar
brown rice crispie cereal
sunflower seeds
pumpkin seeds
dried pineapple
& a bit of salt


enjoy your tuesday everyone!

Keeping It Real:
i cut the post short because ella is screaming to get up from her nap...*grin*


Renee said...

Jess, these look so yummo! Thanks for sharing. I love all of your ideas. Your presentation is beautiful, too.

jackie fo said...

Look delish and adorable ... I want some!

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