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big brother/little sister

Wednesday, March 17

remember the "big sister to-be" invites from the other day?
i had a customer request for a "big brother to-be" invite...
what do you think of this one?
i'm REALLY loving the plaids lately.
the bonus is i'm seeing plaid EVERYWHERE...especially in fashion.
how does that benefit me/us?
it makes it super easy to find coordinating party elements: ribbon, fabric, etc.
so tell me what YOU are looking for...
send me your ideas.
i MIGHT pick someone's submission and create a custom design for you...
and then i might just send you the design...
for FREE...*hint hint*
let's put our "creative thinking caps" on...

have a wildly fantastic wednesday...
hugs everyone!

Keeping It Real:
By the way...."Happy St. Patty's Day"!
Wish I had some cute "green" things to share/post/inspire you with.
Been SO busy with life and "house stuff". (if all goes well, closing is next week).
Looking forward to being able to "chat" more and respond to the many comments you are leaving.


Goosie Girl said...

Totally love the plaid! It's adorable!

Lauren @ Crave. Indulge. Satisfy. said...

All of your stuff is adorable! I have a friend who is having twins in September...this will be her first babies...yeah! She doesn't want to know the sex, but her husband does! So here is there plan...Only her husband will find out the sex of the babies, put it in an envelope and give to me...I will then bake a cake with the layers color coded to match the sex of the babies (blue = boy, pink = girl) and it will be revealed at a party for them for all their friends and family to find out...what a fun idea right? I have been racking my brain trying to think of a cute "theme" for this type of party or color combo since it could be a boy/girl, boy/boy or girl/girl but no one will know the sex until the cake is actually cut...any cute ideas you have for invitations, theme, etc would be great!

Toni said...

So cute! We're getting great responses from the big sis to be invite, and I'm so glad to see it's turning into other possibilities!


5th Belle Avenue said...

Before I scrolled down to see the rest of the image, I actually thought the green bird was a whale! That could be cute for a big brother to-be, a whale made out of the blue plaid with a squirt coming out of the top of his back and the card says something like, "Congratulations on your little squirt, big brother!" :o)

PS. I am just so smitten with your blog. I'm in the process of re-doing mine and am inspired by your simplistic, chic look! I hope I can create a new haven with as much appeal as yours!

Unknown said...

hello ladies...i'm loving the responses i'm getting back.

goosie girl - i'm so glad you love the plaid too!

i run for cake - what an absolutely adorable idea for a a baby shower - the whole "unveiling" the gender of the twins at the shower through the color of cake layers is SUCH a fun idea. as far as suggestions for a theme, i immediately thought of the white, catalina blue & red color could do polka dots or stripes or a fun plaid. *wink* the red and blue covers both a girl or both and the combination of the two can go either direction as well. here's a link to some sandwich wraps to give you a visual:

toni - i'm LOVING that you've gotten a great response on the invites...can't wait to do the cupcake buttons and cookies for you.

pocket full of pink - a whale! fabulous idea. REALLY cute...and the whole little "squirt" totally put a smile on my face! adorable...

Angela said...

i adore this design jess. it offers SO many possibilities. the first one that popped into my head was adding multiple chicks depending on the number of siblings. could even be a family card - possibilities are endless.

one of your readers mentioned the whale theme. lil' squirt was finn's nickname as an infant! won't go into details but you can guess why. he even had a onesie with a whale on it that said lil' squirt. it makes me smile to think of it. you could have fun with this.

my girlfriend's brother is going to be a dad to TWINS this summer and i'm sending her to you/your etsy site. she will love it. keep up the great work girl. it's all so lovely1

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