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Wednesday, March 24

it hit me this morning...
my life is filled with boxes right now.
some are REALLY heavy & big.
some are like little presents i can't wait to unwrap.
and then there are some that are empty...waiting for me to fill them up. (literally & figuratively)

first on the list:

with us closing on a house tomorrow...
you'd think i'd be buried in boxes and paper-fill.
unfortunately, i'm behind.
like REALLY behind.
i think i've got the "one foot in and one foot out" mentality.
you know...
not REALLY convinced this is all happening.
don't think i'll be convinced until we've got the keys in our hands tomorrow.
thankfully we aren't pressed for time as to when to be out of the house we are currently in. *phew* helps a whole heck of a lot to be moving a mere 7 minutes from where we are right now. *wink*
my garage is filled with boxes.
but most are empty right now.

next up?

By this i'm referring to the accomplishments/goals i've been determined to cross-off.
- the treadmill every morning. (well...almost every morning) *wink*
- crossing off the "to-do's" for the move. (emails, paperwork, utilities, insurance, etc.)
- marking off the everyday "to-do's (doctor, dental & oral surgeon appts., etc.)
- meeting deadlines for orders through my etsy shoppe
- satisfying some of the goals noted on my before birthday list. (the most recent? #30 - brio's for cheesecake only - thank you kris for going with me and spending hours fun!)

and finally...

- i've been pushing myself creatively - trying new things/techniques (it's been amazing)
- i've actually "jogged" a few times on the treadmill. (no more than 5 minutes at a stretch - boy is it a challenge for someone who doesn't LOVE to run) *wink* but it feels good to push myself.

now do you see what i mean by all of the boxes i'm surrounded by?
i couldn't be more grateful for each and every one of them.
i look at the boxes as "vessels of transition."
it's up to me as to whether or not to use them.
they are merely opportunities...
opportunities to either be filled up or emptied out...
each one containing the keys for opening and closing different chapters of my life.
and it's wonderful.

happy wednesday to you all.
looking forward to normal blogging time in the not-too-distant future!

Keeping It Real
I bought 6 different colored masking tapes to identify rooms/boxes through the packing/moving process.
too bad only clara and ema have actually been able to use it since they've both taken the initiative to start packing up their rooms. (it sure helps that they are both excited).
oh...and that birthday party for ema???
thank goodness she's agreed to wait until april.
believe me...i'm going to be pushing for "LATE" april to buy me some more time! *grin*

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