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{party inspiration} raggedy ann

Monday, March 22

(photos via one charming party)

i cannot TELL you how much i ADORE this raggedy ann inspired birthday party.
this color combination has been REALLY hot and it makes SO much sense with this theme.

i'd first come across this picture awhile ago via nicole hill

i LOVE the idea of wrapping sandwiches with coordinating party colors.
it's simple but has such a WOW factor.
just take your boring ole jam sandwiches...
wrap'em up with some CUTE paper...
and BAM....
now they are "JAMMIN" sandwiches...*wink*
it's all about presentation people...

so anyway...
now....brittany from one charming party is posting more photos in segments...
the photography is stunning
and the colors are brilliant together.
so...a HUGE "thank you SO MUCH" for the inspiration one charming party & nicole hill!! you did an AMAZINGjob of pulling together a beautiful party...

this post is actually also serving as a little "shout out" to "i run for cake" -
she left me a comment a few posts back & needed some inspiration...
i immediately thought of the sandwich wraps and posted a comment.
(i'm just not sure she ever got the comment and now i've got MORE photos to share with her).
so i decided to do an entire blog post not only to share with you...but for "i run for cake" as well.
she was looking for party decor ideas for a shower she's got coming up...
listen to her ADORABLE idea/inquiry...

I run for cake!, March 17, 2010 7:07 AM

All of your stuff is adorable! I have a friend who is having twins in September...this will be her first babies...yeah! She doesn't want to know the sex, but her husband does! So here is their plan...Only her husband will find out the sex of the babies, put it in an envelope and give to me...I will then bake a cake with the layers color coded to match the sex of the babies (blue = boy, pink = girl) and it will be revealed at a party for them for all their friends and family to find out...what a fun idea right? I have been racking my brain trying to think of a cute "theme" for this type of party or color combo since it could be a boy/girl, boy/boy or girl/girl but no one will know the sex until the cake is actually cut...any cute ideas you have for invitations, theme, etc would be great


don't you just LOVE the fact that the sex of the twins will be revealed during the cutting of the cake!? what a completely unique idea.

i immediately thought of this color combo because it covers ALL bases...

red/blue covers both female and male and then the stunning combination of the two could EASILY be adapted for an "ALL boy" OR "ALL girl" party.

what do you guys think?

happy's going to be a GREAT week. LOTS going on!

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Lauren @ Crave. Indulge. Satisfy. said...

Thanks so much for your feedback about our upcoming "gender reveal" twins party! I love the color combo of turquoise and red! Thanks for your help and posting my comment on your blog today! I'll keep checking back to see if anyone else has ideas for the party! It's coming up in mid April so I've got to start planning now!

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