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packing tape...

Monday, March 29

this is what my life is going to consist of for the next week or so...
packing tape.
and lots of it.
i'm not using these colors to tape the moving boxes closed.
these are being used to "color code" each box.
each room of the house has been designated a "color".
i'll put a little strip of colored masking tape on each box to indicate which room to put the box in.
it was an idea inspired from the flylady.
if you haven't heard of her you should check out her site.
she'll help you organize your daily life and de-clutter.
she's got a fabulous section dedicated to "moving tips"...
it's good information.
(it can be a little O.C.D.'s all good) *wink*

do you want to see my "little" list of house-related tasks to complete?
(these are calls i need to make & to-do's):
re-key the house
alarm service
garage doors (re-key remote openers and adjust 2 of the doors)
landscape (trim crepe myrtles, pull weeds, sprinkler system & new sod quote)
fencing (have home depot come out to evaluate)
painting (exterior and interior)
internet service (cancel and restart)
satellite/cable - (cancel & transfer)
lawn service (cancel with current & start up with new company)
change of address (post office as well as family/friends postcards)
furniture appointment

busy! busy!
PLUS...i'm working on some super FUN projects.
a cake logo/invite for a customer...
(i can't WAIT to share it with you)

but here's another fun project i played a small part in recently...

i designed the little fairy silhouette & butterfly for her to use on her daughter's birthday party invites.
i can't WAIT to hear/see all of the details from the party that occured this weekend...
i just KNOW it's going to be fabulous...

i took on a LARGE order through my etsy shoppe and i've got to have everything mailed out by next monday...phew!

so i must get on with my day!
LOTS to get done and i'm already behind schedule...6:41a.m. - yikes!

happy monday.
i'll keep updating you on the house with pictures...

Keeping It Real:
it took at least 12 different shots to get the perfect one of the packing tape...silly...aren't i?


Unknown said...

Love the invitation! The tape idea is genius! I have to remember this for a move hopefully next year!

Kim @
party inspiration

Tammy said...

You sound like a busy girl. I acn't wait to see pics of your new house!

Roberta said...

We had to move two times in a year this past year (eleven months apart...ugh :) The first move I packed my own boxes and it was the best thing I could have ever done...I took photos of the contents of the boxes and printed them from my digital photo printer immediately. Then when it was time to unpack...I knew where everything went...because I took the pictures of the items on my book shelves and china closet, etc. The second move I was worn out so we paid the movers to pack...BIG MISTAKE...I will never use movers for that was the move from hell. Sure they want to "unpack" you...but six guys unpacking boxes that they have grabbed items from all over the house asking you at the same time where things go...AWFUL...just awful...never Best of luck!

Renee said...

Are you selling those invitations through your Etsy shoppe? If so, I'd be interested in ordering some!!

Unknown said...

renee - the invitations will actually be available through kim @ the's her link:

I don't believe she's got them posted in her etsy shop yet but you can still contact her and make the request.

Unknown said...

and thank you everyone else for the well wishes!
oh! and are AMAZING for having survived two moves in one year...and the organizational tips in the first move are...WOW! i'm impressed!

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