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it feels good...

Wednesday, March 10

it feels good to be unexpectedly recognized...

this is a magazine i've been featured in.
i had no clue about it...
...until a couple of days ago.
i had a customer mention she'd found me in a magazine she subscribes to called review it!
at my request, she forwarded me the article.
i looked it up online and found a digital version of the magazine - go here to take a peek.
(the feature is on pages 28 & 29)
it feels good to be recognized...
and the "unexpectedness" of it all makes it even sweeter...

so that got me thinking about all of the other things that are making me feel good lately...

- to step off the treadmill having accomplished my daily exercise - especially on the days i lack motivation.
- when i make healthy eating choices
- to discover something new
- when i figure out an easier way to do something
- to do custom orders people love
- when i design something i completely adore
- to receive an unexpected card in the mail from a long-time friend
- to have my creative journal filled with ideas to try and concepts to make happen
- to be consistently accomplishing things listed on my "before birthday goals"
- knowing i have all of the ingredients i need to officially start my journey through the babycakes cookbook
- when the sun is shining and dreary winter days seem to be behind us. (finally)
- snuggling up to my 3 girls
- when ella takes a LONG nap *wink*

and the list could go on really...

i have a lot to be grateful for.
making this list is exactly what i needed today.
so how about you?
what's making YOU feel good?

Keeping It Real:
today is NOT one of those "LONG nap" days for ella...
in fact, i'm quite irritated about the ruckus going on next door - one of the neighbors is building a pool and the noise has ella all out of sorts...(focus on your list jessica...just breathe & focus)...*wink*


jackie fo said...

Congrats on your feature! That is an awesome surprise :)

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Candi Ladwig said...

Congrats!! You are amazing!!

Angela said...

catching up your blog and enjoying what it so much. congrats again on your latest feature!

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