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a little bit of sunshine

Tuesday, April 14

it's a bit rainy and dreary on this tuesday morning. but here's a ray of sunshine to brighten the day:

i found this artist, (cathy nichols), yesterday and i'm just in love with her art collection. it's very whimsical and the colors she blends/uses are just scrumptious. i feel especially happy when i look at the first painting called "hello birdie" (even though i'm not a big bird lover)...and the middle piece of art is called "hello spring" cute. love those greens and blues. anyone can purchase her art through etsy.  (which by the way....i LOVE etsy. it's a site for any artist to sell their handmade products...super cute darling things you can find over there. soooo many talented people. like an online craftmall?? and all you have to do is do a search for anything you may be looking for...easy). and i'm a super huge fan of "handmade".

moving on...
making this post really quick today. remember it's "tuesday" which means i've got plans "outside" of the house. it's my one-day-a-week guarantee of doing something unrelated to housework. and it's the day i've set aside to try and do something with my mom. we'll be attempting some badminton this morning - unless it's just too rainy. and then i  have backup plans for getting some things done:  paint store, returns to kohls, computer to my mom's, easter goods on discount, rubber protector thing-ies for some chairs of mine...etc. (i'm using the "stickies" feature on the iMac to keep track of things i'd like to get done. they are like little floating sticky notes you can color code for your desktop. i've currently got 7 going right now. one is for an ongoing grocery list of items i think of throughout the day - or when i run out of something, one is for future photography purchases i have found i need/want from the photographer's workshop, one is a "to-do", one is notes/links i have found to be helpful - also from the photographer's workshop and the other three are notes i've taken from the podcasts i listen to everyday). anyway...those stickies are a fantastic little feature. 

i'm eating an apple and some natural peanut butter (from the publix deli), for breakfast. ella is in her activity seat - not too happy right now. (and she's officially 5 months old today - by the way). gotta get in the shower and get going. love to you all. have a "totally terrific" tuesday.

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