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Monday, April 6

(1) been on a real "chocolate" kick the past week - i cannot restrain myself. i'm out of control. 

(2) love the new miley cyrus song - "the climb" -  i heard it over the weekend and it's got such a great message. (along the lines of the theory "it's not about the destination but rather the journey"). anyway - i added it to my playlist - if you haven't heard it, check it out & for's the video. (i also added two other songs: "call me" by shinedown and "where i stood" by missy higgins. the missy chick is fast becoming a favorite of mine. she's got that same sarah mclachlan sound - whom i adore.)

(3) i LOVE "fit t.v.".   folks...i don't watch much t.v. -  except to bond with j or the girls. however, i am hooked on this.  not only do i love the variety of workout programs they offer (although there are some corny ones on there), i especially love two of the programs: "get fresh with sarah snow" (an eco-friendly show with tips/info.) and "there's a lyon in the kitchen" (a cooking show using only the freshest of ingredients - i think nathan lyon is pretty good looking too). good...good stuff people. 

okay - so enough confessions for one day. had a super weekend. we attended a baseball game friday night to watch my cousin nate pitch - he's only a freshman people and he's the "first string pitcher" for varsity. HULLo! he did awesome! 

got up bright and early saturday morning to take clara to the middle school for a clean-up project for NJHS. the girls then left for the symphony with my mom. original plans were to have lunch @ season's 52 prior to the start of the symphony but because they were running behind schedule, my mom opted to take the girls to steak n' shake for lunch and then to uno's following the show. (i'm sure a 10 and 12 year old appreciate that calibre of food so much more anyway). but they had a great time - my mom really tried to make it a special day - she even got "balcony seating" for all of them. thanks mom - i know the girls enjoyed it and felt spoiled. here are some pics i took at the house before they left. none of these have been edited in any way - just straight up from the camera to the computer...sorry.

my fav of the day - the 2nd picture i shot

clara, ema & grandma a

a few of the girls just messin' around

while the older girls were off at the symphony, j, ella and i headed out for errands. (apple store, ulta, publix, etc.). it was a beautiful weekend - weather-wise. the girls have a short week this week - no school on friday (good friday) and then spring break begins on monday. they'll be with their dad for the entire week. (*sniffle* - i miss them so much when they are away). big plans while they are away - shhhh...secret projects i can't mention right now.

have a "much much" monday. (much laughter, much appreciation, much love, much happiness, etc...) and just to get you thinkin' - or inspired creatively, i got this video from rhonna's site the other day - i think it's pretty powerful and it's not only a great reminder of the divinity in creativity to those of us who crave & possess this's also a wake-up call so-to-speak to those of you out there who feel you aren't the "creative-type". thanks for the inspiration!

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