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new trick

Wednesday, April 29

thanks to the photography workshop i'm in and the lens i rented over the weekend, i've been forced to snap photos constantly around here. (which in the end is a very good thing).  here are some more "straight out of camera" pics of ella. (for those of you who don't know why  i keep saying "straight out of camera":  it's primarily to let you know that these photos haven't been altered using any photo editing programs - lighting, exposure, cropping, etc.) 

anyway - these are photos of her new trick...she sits herself up - all by herself - in her "boppy seat". and she's pretty adamant about it. the first time i saw her doing it i about fReAkEd out. i thought she was going to tumble out onto the floor...which of course she would have if the straps hadn't been secured to keep her tucked in there. yikes! i'm not sure who she thinks she is...but she is trying to grow up waaaayyyy too fast. *grin*

* working on exposure compensation and these pictures...

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