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Friday, April 3

check out this site: palomas nest - i thought these were too cute - and quite clever.

i came across this site as well...the header is adorable...

and lots of inspiration to peruse through here... - my chickens...

i'm off to attend "field day" @ em's school. it was originally scheduled to begin @ 9a.m. but was moved to noon because of the rain this morning. now i have time to do the finishing touches on my "from scratch" chicken soup. (ok - i didn't make the orzo pasta by hand - but everything else is straight up "fresh goodness". i started on it late afternoon yesterday - let the stock congeal overnight - now onto the 2nd and final stage of prep/finish. homemade bread would be good but i don't have the "good flour" to work with - quinoa or millet. hmmm...anyway - i've tried to make friday nights "soup" night around here. the kids love coming home on fridays to no homework and free time for running around outside. (which i am a HUGE fan of). i figured soup was something they could run in and grab when they "feel" like it instead of having a "sit down" like the rest of the week? we'll see how it continues to go. depending on how things go today we may end up at a high school baseball game tonight anyway. (to watch my cousin, nate, pitch.) go nate!

after clara attends a "clean-up" project with the NJHS (national junior honor society) tomorrow morning, both girls are heading out for a fancy lunch and to attend the symphony with my mom. GREAT photo op awaiting. (fingers crossed)

hoping you all have a phenomenal friday - and if you are looking for something "creative" to do - check out the easter bags on rhonna's site - too cute. (she's got a tutorial video posted.)

& as the egg says - "whatever you are - be a good one"...have a wonderlicious weekend...

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