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Thursday, April 16

these are a few things stirring in my head right now - i dream of them during the day - i lay down at night with them whispering "do me" in my ear...(*giggle*)

- scrapbook page layout involving clean lines - one 3d flower and ella's picture
- wall in living room decorated with pictures - mostly scrapbook layouts, (currently sitting in a drawer),  along with oversized recent photos and an oversized letter(s)...just can't figure out what the letter(s) should can't be "s" or "k" - perhaps a big "f" for family/friends/fun/future etc.?
- a painting incorporating scraps of scrapbook paper or fabrics - things with dimension - flowers with wire coming out of the middle...
- painting clara's room with crazy/funky flowers to reflect her passage from pre-teen to teen coming up...soon...too soon. 
- painting ema's room with two shades of wall color - green and blue - incorporating swirls in a creamy color - spilling over onto each color to tie the walls together?

i WILL do these things...i will.

what?? it's 2:30...and what was it i was trying to accomplish today from my "platform of possibility?" mmm-hmmmph? get OFF the computer jessica! 

but's my other finished project: (which i must say, when j walked in last night he raised his eyebrows at the "black" wall and i'm not sure my explanation of it being a "chalkboard" convinced him of anything)? remember...i couldn't write on it until i'm not sure he could visualize it? i think it's fun. i know the girls will like it too. did i mention they will be home tomorrow?  debated on creating a frame for the new chalkboard...haven't come up with anything i love...yet.  & this chalkboard paint is sooo fun that i've had to restrain myself from starting additional chalkboard projects around the house...seriously. i've got this old door hanging on my wall begging me to slather chalkboard paint on the 5 panels in it...perfect for a "menu of the week" board or how about a weekly calendar of events for each person in our household? stop jessica...just turn. it. off. - quiet the voices. *laughing* (actually, it's just "energy"...not voices). and to make the "energy" that much more intense, did you know there is actually product out there for turning any surface into a dry erase board and there's other product for transforming surfaces into a magnetic one. crazy. and (i saw these things in lowe's...right next to the chalkboard paint). which by the way...i realize the chalkboard paint has been around for quite some time. i actually have spray paint from years ago...but i hadn't tried the "wall paint". so many other projects that have taken precedence.  so glad i finally tried it. thanks again rhonna...for giving me the extra "push" to just do it. 

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