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1/2's (halves)

Tuesday, April 21

so i attempt to go to the dentist today - with ella. (mmmmm....hmphhh....not a good idea). . so let's just say my pearly whites are only 1/2 "pearly" right now & i  have another appointment on the 7th of may.

running on 1/2 a tank today. i've got what i call a "protein headache".  i've had it since the close of yesterday. ever get them? it seems when i don't have enough to eat - protein, in particular - i get a nagging headache that begins at the base of my neck and creeps up behind my eyes. ughh! i didn't eat enough yesterday primarily due to dinner. yep. i made the mistake of making an absolutely scrumptious meal...i know. i know. how dare i? but....everyone went back for seconds before i got to have my "first". needless to say, my portion consisted of barely enough to make it "look" like i had dinner... just so everyone else could have more. (the small sacrifices we mothers make for our one is even aware of them 1/2 the time.) by the way - the meal was chicken fajitas - a recipe i found online inspired by j's love of the fajitas he orders EVERY time we go to chili's. 

now i'm getting ready to prepare 1/2 of tonight's dinner since both clara & ema have eye appointments after school. (i'll be pressed for time once we finally arrive home). 

i just turned my head to realize i've left 1/2 of the brown rice on the stove that i was attempting to reheat for lunch. (i dumped the other 1/2 on the floor by accident while holding ella - i just LOVE it when things like that happen.)

in keeping with today's theme...ella has awaken from taking 1/2 of a nap. *big smile* i better scootch...1/2 the day is gone already - *giggling*

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