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Friday, April 10

i have lots of different things to share today...heading into the weekend and thought these things should keep you busy with something to do - just in case you have zero plans. 

anyone who knows me, knows that i am a "fontaholic". i love finding cool fonts and when designing something, i used to use a font only one time and vow to never use it again. (to keep things fresh and new??).  with that said, here's something fun you can do...go visit jessica sprague's website to create your own font....  yes, you heard me correctly. just go to the link and there's a plethora of information regarding different sites you can use - some cost money and some are FREE!  and it takes just minutes to do it. i just adore jessica sprague because she shares so much information - to anyone who wants it. i'm always learning something new from her. she's completely talented & creative.  (and who wouldn't love a girl with that fabulous first name....laughing)

next, let's talk music. (something i'm completely passionate about).  j came home the other day mentioning a song he'd heard on the radio - a remix of a george michael song.  (of course he couldn't remember the name of the band or the name of the i went searching and found it). i LOVE the new version of "careless whisper" by seether.  first, let me say i am not a fan of crazy hard rock - and i've never been a fan of seether. but give it a listen anyway - i added it to my playlist. it's a bit "strong" in the beginning but once the lyrics kick in it's waaay cool. and i love to hear old songs given new life.
more music i'd like to mention are just some "folk" artists i've come across over the years. (i tend to love the acoustic guitar.)  this was prompted by a conversation i just had with my sweet friend, ila). we were talking about whether or not i had heard of ingrid michaelson - which, in fact, i had stumbled across a couple of years ago. 

if you go check out her video i believe you'll recognize this particular song because it's "mainstream" now. however, here's a song that actually made me a fan of hers, originally.
so then, you must check out the weepies:

 i love THIS song.  and this one.  they have a very distinct sound - which i adore.

moving onto other artists: rosie thomas

check out "since you've been around" and "it don't matter to the sun".   this is the cover to one of her albums i don't yet have:

and how about jeremy enigk - (listen to "canons" and "been here before"). 

 and here's a video someone created to go along with jeremy's song "world waits". 

guess i need to just create a side bar of links to music i enjoy, (in addition to my playlist), and just add to it.

quick "real world" update:
> clara and ema are officially on spring break and they will be in port charlotte for an entire week with their dad....*sigh*  oh how i will miss tucking them in every night. 
> got my haircut yesterday. (almost forgot i even had an appointment until they called the evening before - nice surprise). my hair looks soooo much better. thanks robie! love you to pieces.
> ella has been on a very interesting schedule. starts stirring around 1 a.m. - i sneak up beside her crib, give her back her pacifier and she usually falls back to sleep. (i do this about twice a night now). she's been "waking" up for feedings at 4a.m. - this morning @ 5:15.  the night before, she conveniently woke up for a feeding 10 minutes after j and i went to bed - nice timing. i have been completely exhausted. by the end of the day i just want to shut "everything" off. wouldn't it be cool if you could do that? just like i put the imac on "sleep" mode in the evenings, i could push some magical button for the entire household to go on "sleep mode" - no one awakes until i decide to hit the resume button for "all systems go".  what a brilliant idea!  ahhhh....wishful thinking. 

that's it for now...still have the "not yo momma's banana pudding" to tell you about. but this post is way too long today. enjoy your friday...have a rockin' weekend, (now that i've supplied you with this amazing post full of artist/song suggestions), and i'll see you on monday!

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