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Monday, April 27

and so i spent part of my day with my dear friend, chrissy. with busy schedules and's been quite some time since we've been able to sit & chat and dream together. although ella didn't take a nap the entire time, (she was pretty much in my arms for the visit), she didn't fuss much. *phew*   i left chrissy's with a host of ideas whirling 'round my head and an arm full of books, (ok, only 2 - it just sounded more poetic)? kind of.  anyway, we are getting some fun ideas together - projects i dare not mention right now. trust me though...when chrissy & i get together, the end result is always something magical....(thanks chrissy - and thanks for those deelish cookies i shouldn't have eaten...mmmmmm....) *wink*

and speaking of something magical - here's a video i find "magical" - it's fun...what's not fun about giant "happy"  bubbles?....enjoy!  "During the Milan Design Week last night, British artist Stuart Semple released 2,000 'smiley faces' made of tightly-packed bubbles into the air, which is part of his on-going collaboration with Moncler. The bubbles drifted into the night sky and then dissolved. (Via" - taken  straight from "poppytalk"

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