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shhh...two angels sleeping

Friday, April 17


look at my two sweet girls...  "clara-cakes" must've been her so much...she's got on the jacket nate bought her for christmas? (it's only 80 degrees outside??) she's just plain ole exhausted. her & em just returned home from a week-long visit with her dad in port charlotte. (love the angle of this photo - purposely included her toes/feet).

and little "ella-pie" is all snuggled up in the swing uncle mike bought for her. the swing is not moving a bit although it's making the sound as if it is rocking her...the batteries are so warn down that the "sound" of swinging is all it can muster up. i dare not turn it off know she'll just wake up immediately - on cue - and i've got to get some things done around here. *quiet laughter*

happy friday to you all! have a wonderful weekend.

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