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Thursday, April 23

literally...this is such a "sweet" find for me to have stumbled across. as most of you know...i am a lover of "baking". this can be a good thing...and it can also be a very very not-so-good thing. (not a healthy past-time if i'm consuming the goods i'm making or feeding it to my family on a regular basis).  over the years i have really tried to satisfy my need for creating in the kitchen by making things specifically to "give-a-way". ("birthday" cheesecakes, "thank-you" cookies, "just because" dessert gifts, etc.) however, i was then met with a lot of "resentful" feedback from clara & ema because i was just giving everything away. (not a good thing - in the minds of children). 

anyway - i came across this digi magazine through a post rhonna made and i'm really excited about it. some of these delicacies look to be promising in regards to "healthy indulgences". (or at least with a few tweaks on some of them). so perhaps with this new-found read, clara & ema will actually be able to have their cake and eat it too...(instead of looking at it as it goes out the door for someone else's pleasure) ok...let's be honest here - i'm pretty excited about the consumption part of it too. *muffled little giggle*  perhaps you'll find it equally enjoyable on this thursday morning...

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