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don't denigrate...

Wednesday, April 8

taken from marianne williamson's podcast i listened to this morning...."don't denigrate what is happening NOW". meaning, "decide that it's fabulous and it will be". i completely love that thought!

look at this transformation of drab into fab:

source: crafty nest go check out the site - loaded with lots of inspiration...

of course, the drab from fab doesn't stop or even start with a renewal of home decor items - it goes much deeper than that. what am i going to do today to transform the mundane tasks of the "every day" into something extraordinary? it starts with my attitude. so...while i'm feeling enlightened - i'm off to tackle the wonderful tasks that await me...with a smile on my face, a spring in my step and a full appreciation that i have the health/strength to actually perform those fabulous duties! how about you? (and a little bit of exercise in the a.m. sure helps with energy level and optimism...doesn't it)! *big grin*

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