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and then there's time management....

Thursday, April 23

yes...i jumped from a post about desserts to something equally important. *smirking*

TiMe MaNAgeMeNt...ugh. do we EVER figure it out? you know, the "balance". the beautiful balance between making everyone else happy in your life while harmoniously keeping yourself satisfied? 

i found this post from jessica sprague to be very enlightening. i have a strong feeling there are many of you out there who will benefit greatly from reading this as well. and i have to point out that i could soooo relate to her opening paragraph: 

I'll be honest; I'm not a scheduled person.  I'm more of a "go with the flow, see where the day takes me" kind of girl.  But I do believe in the principles of time management, and one day I hope to get it right!

i have been told on more than one occasion how organized i am and how "together" i seem to be. ("seem" being the key word). my home, my life, on the other hand??? 

anyway...go check out her post - "finding the time to create".  & if you don't have a google calendar set up yet, you just might after reading this. 

i'm off to schedule some time to create...(after i get some "other" things done). *wink* and how about you? happy thursday!

source: clock necklace edm designs  

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