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in a nutshell...

Monday, April 20

weekend in a nutshell:
.....girls back from spring break
.....friday night soup night (fresh vegetable w/whole wheat homemade croutons)
.....lens rental
.....ema - swim practice & a day at the lake with cousins.
.....lunch with the brecklin's @ zellie's pub
.....clara - attended a b/day party
.....a visit from uncle mike
.....dinner @ cracker barrell (uncle mike's treat...AGAIN - we love ya).
.....bbq & badmitton @ my mom's (awesome food - love you)

and here are pics from this weekend as well...enjoy!

ema workin' hard

ella being super good during ema's swim practice
you'll find j like this on a regular basis - his phone usually a quick grab away

uncle mike & ella

little miss ella
(look @ that crazy hair glistening in the sun - i thought it was hilarious)

uncle mike & ella 
(how precious is that? it's her new thing to turn around and look to see who's got her)

j & ella (can you see her curly hair sticking up on top - too funny)

clara concentrating on the "word search" game we were all about to compete in 
@ cracker barrell - (j & i against clara & mike...)

clara & ella after dinner
and then clara took over the picture taking while we were waiting for ema to arrive/meet us @ cracker barrell. (i should've changed the camera settings for her). *grumbling* but overall, i think she did a super good job. thanks clara!

ella & i
ella & i 
group shot (even though they were all blurry - had to post a pic with ema in it).
hope you all had a spectacular weekend....i have tons of stuff to catch up on - which also means i have stuff to catch YOU up on as well...but that's it for now! Happy Monday!

1 comment:

Angela said...

i'm just catching up on some of your posts jess and these pictures are lovely (who cares if they are a little blurry). i love the one of you looking at ella and smiling. so so cute!

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