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celebrating fall fashion...

Wednesday, September 30

good morning everyone! continuing on with my morning habit i established during the 21challenge...i decided to use my creativity time to come up with a digital image incorporating the cute little dolls i've recently designed and some of pantone's fall fashion colors. thank you pantone for keeping us in line with what's cool...dont' you just LOVE these colors. you should see the rest of the palette. isn't she adorably stylish!?

i hope you all have a fantastic wednesday. yesterday, i "celebrated" my victory relating to the 21day challenge by allowing myself to consume some caffeine in the form of chocolate chips and then later...i also gave into some carbs - chocolate chip "cookies". man...honestly, i felt "awful" the rest of the day. more celebrating in that sense. back on track and feeling in control today. (it sure was strange going to rhonna's site yesterday & not finding a 21challenge inspirational quote to jump start my day. i miss you 21ers...already)!

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Dani said...

Thank you for all the support during our 21 days and for all the great comments on my blog! Still here whenever you need support!!


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