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take ACtiOn! & a bit o' iNspIRatTioN

Tuesday, September 15

okay - so i'm still behind...but i'm taking "ACtiON" to get caught up. i just LOVE how this art journal page turned out for the 21challenge. i incorporated wire and "pink grapefruit" luminarte paint. delicious. thinking i may want to re-create something like this and frame it. it's super cute in-real-life. anyway - going STRONG with my goals. 1 week under my belt. woohoo! go check out all of the other 21ers who have set their own goals and who're cheering one another along. rhonna posted them in her side bar...i found my name all the way at the bottom. *wink* yea!

okay now, moving onto: weekend inspiration.

i was given most of the day and into a part of the evening on saturday to leave the house & just go do whatever i wanted to do. this doesn't happen as often as it should because ella is still under the age of 1. hennyway...*wink* i chose to seek out inspiration. i didn't have ANY rules. no time constraints either. i just went whatever direction i decided to drive in with no particular agenda in mind. i stopped by a little boutique i'd never been in called "inkwell" and picked me up a lampe berger refill - new orleans scent. i then drove over to joann's and this is what i found:

lots of good ideas in this little gem:

mmmm....yummy mini-pound cakes.
how about some mini pumpkin tie in the fall season.
(these will go perfect with the mini-french bakery theme for ella's upcoming 1st b/day party)

easy & simple idea that will flow perfectly, once again, with ella's party theme...
and who doesn't love a tower of creme puffs? about these delicious gourmet caramel apples....anyone?

AND THEN....i leisurely headed over to see the fabrics...(remember, i could actually take my time and look at all of the things i always WANT to stop and look at but most of the people i usually have with me have no tolerance for such behavior - such lack of focus). *wink*

lookie what i the colors and whimsical design of this
i can see it on 4 wrought iron chairs i have at the house...right. now.

loved the pattern in this fabric...

and how about the texture and design of this one....heavenly - i could eat it.

this one has such a soft, delicate feel to it...again - inspiration from patterns...

now onto the fLoRaL department...

i loved these - so simple and heirloomish...i didn't know what they were called

so i took a picture of the upc label so i would remember -
just in case i go back to get them...

this orchid was kind of cool - see how i'm trying to match it with the papers i have in my cart?
kind of too "stick-ish" for the feel i'm wanting though....

okay - so how about this? color is good?

i just had to hold up that "pompon rose" spray again...yummy...
sure seems like the perfect pick?

or for something a little more bold? too bold for ella's party, i think.
she's just a little-bitty thing. (see why i think the pompons are perfect?)

loved these dandelion-ish flowers too...what do you think? too prickly?

oh...and then i found these adorable mini jars. i could do SOMETHING with these.
they are too cute to not buy....but i didn't.

walking by these @ 70% off i figured i could incorporate these into some sort of lollipop tower?
at $7 each - i figured they were worth it...but i resisted.

and then i passed on these polka dot napkins...they were cute...
but they have an extra color in them that don't match ella's party darn it.

okay - i'm ready to check out with the circle punch and black wire i picked up.
but wait - here's another magazine....ooooohhhh..."french country"....

oh the feel of this room and the simple flowers. feels like home.

gasping...oh i LOVE this table. i sooo want a harvest table to sit down to.
and look at the bench still my heart.

what a lovely quote...i must keep this!

heaven...the tub is absolute heaven.
and look at those green shutters in the background and the arched window
allowing natural light to spill in....absolute heaven.
(been looking for that tendregris color referenced - no luck as of yet)

so that's it for my "documented" portion of my inspiration day. after joann's, i headed to borders and got about 6 more magazines and plopped right down on a comfy couch for the next 2 hours. i perused everything from wedding magazines to graphic design tool/secrets. LOVED it! (had some strange company the entire time but i won't go into that. i just dove into my reads and tried blocking out the distractions around me). it was good.

that's it people. pretty simple. but boy did it rejuvenate my soul. got home around 7p.m. - it was a good day.

oh...and i have to update you on the private concert we were heading to on friday night to see "the fray". (clearing throat...with a little bit of embarassment) we drive the 40 minutes and come to find out....we totally missed the show. the tickets said doors opened at 5p.m. but j was thoroughly convinced there was NO concert that ever started at that insane hour on a friday night. so we took our time - and remember we were leaving our precious ella in the care of uncle mike and nicole - and unfortunately taking our time was NOT the right call. we were definitely disappointed. so...we opted for a delicious dinner at stonewoods instead. (and both j and i have been 100% on the no caffeine, no carbs and no sugar 21-day challenge...he was even good at the cowboys vs. bucs game...i wasn't sure he'd have the willpower - but he DID)! it's been super nice for him to support me in this. really.

side note: thank you uncle mike & did an awesome job watching our little ella-pie! she ended up falling asleep in nicole's arms. so schweet!

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