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it's time to get down...

Tuesday, September 8

that's right's time to "get down". i'm talking about getting down and dirty with the 21-day challenge that starts TODAY. it's a challenge that rhonna farrer has done in the past & has officially started up again. if there's a habit you'd like to break or a new habit you'd like to start - go check this out. you will not be disappointed and it may be JUST what you needed to kick start whatever goal(s) you have in your head or things you've got on your list. i'm encouraging you to play along.

i was so excited to see that rhonna posted it EARLY enough that we people on the east coast who are up @ 5:30 could go ahead and be inspired...right from jump street. thanks rhonna! you are awesome.

psst...get this. j agreed to jump onboard with me in doing the no "sugar, no carbs, no caffeine, no carbonation" challenge for the next 21 days. WHAT?! i don't think he realizes how hard this is going to be. but you know what? he's committed....and so am i!

i've also got a couple of other "personal" goals i'll be working on during this 21-day challenge. (things relating to bettering myself/pushing myself as a person, mother, partner, friend). come can jump right in! no matter how big or small. just jump! & "get down" - all at the same time...*wink*

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