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a sucker for great packaging...

Tuesday, September 1

anyone who knows me well knows that my favorite gum is orbit's sweet mint. mmmm...yummy. i've tried other flavors/brands because i love to try new products but i'm always going back to my original "sweet mint".

so i'm at the "check out" at cvs lastnight...picking up "wax" for clara's braces. *snicker* i look down and notice the "new" gum from orbit. i immediately picked it up and had to have it. the packaging totally caught my eye. there were three particular "new" flavors and since i had ema with me i let her pick which of the three i should get. she chose this:

look at that packaging people! it's sooo spectacular. it flows. it's catchy. it's 2009+ish. soft yet bold. love the use of lowercase font. (i so appreciate the talent of people who put together great's definitley a talent i'm willing to...and have many extra for). anyway - i was happy with just the outside packaging alone. i of course had to break open the pack as soon as we got in the car to try out the fabulous new flavor. i was pleasantly surprised and delightfully satisfied to get yet another burst of design eye candy...check it out:

omgoodness! brilliant! have won my heart again. now...i do have to admit i don't love the flavor. (yeah...i know...kind of stinks). however, they also have "peppermint spray" and "mango surf". love the names. i'm thinking i'll favor the peppermint version? but anyway, go check out the new flavors on the wrigley site...the other packaging is similarly ingenious. and then go look for the new packages in a store near you!! great packaging just makes me feel good about you?

*it's about driving me nuts to take pics with my phone...but perhaps i can turn this into an art? i can forsee it now...there will be ps actions for "mobile phone" picture effects. (they probably already exist...funny).

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Candi Ladwig said...

This is so me!! I have this gum for this exact reason!! (I don't even like it!!)

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