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"live" with "enthusiasm"

Thursday, September 17

i'm officially on "day 10" of the 21 challenge. i am moving right along & staying strong. admission: i grew quite weak with my "eating portion" of the challenge late in the day yesterday. i was famished! thoughts of devouring the carb-laden goodies in the fridge & pantry were swirling around my brain at top speed. BUT i resisted! (high 5-ing all of you other 21ers out there)!

i've made sure to genuinely laugh outloud everyday - one of my other goals - & it seems to usually be with ema or ella. i need to work on that with clara. AND... for my final goal, i've maintained a positive attitude/outlook everyday - for the most part. 2nd admission: i got a little snippy in an email the other day - i got an unexpected confirmation receipt reflecting an "unauthorized" charge to my account and i thought i was dealing with one of those companies where you never really talk to anyone who can make decisions...they are out to deliberately rip people off. anywho, the girl kindly put me in my place & when i realized it wasn't what i was thinking i quickly & sincerely apologized. oops! very embarassing & humiliating...i felt like the biggest jerk).

having said that...let's move forward - i am happy to announce i'm completely caught up with my art journaling...take a peek:

(you should see this when the curling ribbon isn't smashed against the bed of the scanner -
it's totally fun & crazy and 3D - it's sHoUtiNg EntHuSiAsM, isn't it!?)

and drumroll please...

"live out of your imagination not your history" - stephen covey
rhonna came up with a cute "tag" for the quote today - thus inspiring the "gift" concept.

i'm sooo wonderfully excited to be caught up 100%...but especially excited to be moving right along with all of the other 21ers out there!
have yourself a merry little thursday - and "LiVE" with a ENtHuSiAsM"! people.

oH! one more thing - the next extra $25 i get i'm "investing" in this! (& i DO feel it's an investment...)!

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