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{21 day challenge} - day one

Tuesday, September 8

so here's my "art journaling" regarding DAY ONE of the 21 challenge. these are goals i've set for myself over the next 21 days. pretty "raw" format. nothing "crazy over-the-top". all i did was print rhonna's digital image "power", added some journaling, gave it some color using a red water color pencil and luminart's mediteranean blue. (kind of looks 4th of july-ish...doesn't it)? but i just HAD to use red since the color symbolizes "power". and i just HAD to use the blue to give it some "pizzazz". and of course, it's just glued in my little "inspirational journal". done.

so, besides the art journaling, how did my "DAY ONE" turn out?
"DAILY OXYGEN MASK" - i counted my 1 hour from 6a.m. to 7a.m. as my "oxygen mask" for the day. i was able to be on the computer & created my "art journal page" - without any interruptions. whoa! pretty amazing.

"BE POSITIVE, FIND THE GOOD, BE GRATEFUL & LAUGH OUTLOUD". i definitely could do a better job but i figured surviving the day while fighting a cold and feeling pretty crappy combined with no sleep over the past year...well - let's just say i'll try harder today. hey - atleast everyone still had dinner to eat lastnight. (see...i found the positive). *wink*

"NO SUGAR, NO CARBS, NO CAFFEINE" - i did VERY well but i admit i was surrounded by temptation all day long. (the crumb-topped apple pie & the chocolate chip cookies leftover from our labor day baking - remember?). it was seriously hard. but i made it through DAY ONE - and so did j. (we'll see how well he fares when he attends the cowboys vs. bucs game this weekend...hmmm?) bet he hasn't even thought of that yet?

onto DAY TWO. and if you aren't playing along - you should.

1 comment:

Bonnie said...

Hi Jess
Just a fellow 21-er challenge participant stopping in to say hi and your first page is brill, your goals are great! I find we can all draw encouragement from each other to keep going! Love your oxygen mask idea, so cool!

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