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"imagine" your "development"

Wednesday, September 16

onto day 9 of the 21 challenge! can you believe it? i'm so proud of myself for staying so strong. trust me, i've had my moments...but i didn't give in. this is sooo super huge for me and for my "development". i've made sure i've reached all 3 of my goals. every. day. i've laughed outloud....which therefore makes it easier for me to look for the good & be positive which then pushes me to be good to myself and continue to make good healthy choices. see how they are all connected? this has been such a great experience for me. (creatively, emotionally, physically). i couldn't have been this strong without all of the other 21ers out there who are posting their stories and support. HUGE thank you!

so, somehow i skipped right over posting the "imagination" prompt for day 4?
so here's day 4. so cute. don't cha think?

and then because i'm behind on my art journaling, here's day 7. "development"

i now need to do the prompt for day 8 and today's prompt: "enthusiasm"

b&w word art images, "imagination" & "develop" are courtesy of rhonna farrer.

supplies used: watercolor pencils, black pen, paper punch, tissue paper, glue


Rhonna Farrer said...

holy ARE in fiyah! LOVE these! you are doing an amazing job...thanks for supporting all of us 21ers!
you are awesome!
keep on keepin' on!

Twila Bennett said...

You are so sweet to send me a note! Dontcha love the internet? Looking at your blog will be fun, too. I think I need to 21 day challenge myself on my own blog since I haven't posted since end of July (cough, cough). But I will get through this challenge first. So good to have a community!

Geralyn Gray said...

I stayed for awhile---I really need to visit a bakery after seeing all of your baked really have challenged yourself with a lot!!!! Good job for sticking to the challenge and thanks for encouraging me!!! I'll be back to see how you are doing!

Geralyn Gray said...

I enjoyed the music too....sorry about the Fray experience---that must have been a bummer.

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