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the half-way mark

Friday, September 18

how BAD do you want it? that's rhonna's question/prompt for DAY 11 on this 21challenge journey.
"in order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure" - bill cosby

DAY 11 - "DeSiRE"

so, as i sit here, knowing i have exactly 4 minutes left before i need to wake up the girls...i ask you. is YOUR desire greater than YOUR fear? i know mine is. let's conquer our fears and achieve whatever goals we've got in front of us. we CAN do this. whether you are "officially" participating in the 21challenge, we're ALL 21ers as far as i'm concerned - let's DO this!

here's to a great weekend of goal-reaching & staying strong!

supplies used:
word art from rhonna
black pen
scrapbook paper sent with bluemoon package
water color pencil

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