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i reached for the chocolate chips...

Wednesday, September 23

yes people. yesterday was somewhat of a struggle for me. (for whatever reason). as i mentioned in yesterday's post, i just felt a little bit out of steam. by day's end, i actually grabbed the bag of chocolate chips with full intention of eating a handful. but i quickly put them back. (ok, i actually tossed them with a little bit of force, back into the baking pantry while stating aloud a very firm "no! i'm NOT going to do it!") *wink*

with that HUGE "win" under my belt, today is a different day. i feel proud of myself for resisting the temptation and i emerged from yesterday's struggles with this knowledge:

- i am stronger than i give myself credit for.
- "credit" is not something i give myself enough of.
- stress is linked directly to my eating habits.

i've realized the connection between my stress and eating just recently. (well, over the last few years actually). but yesterday, i think it REALLY sunk in as to how "often" and how much of a habit it's become in my life. it was a "real" eye-opener for me. i'm grateful for the lack of steam yesterday. the motivation i feel today BECAUSE of my ability to push through the obstacles that were before me yesterday, certainly makes up for whatever i was missing.

here's my art journaling for this morning:

the checks & balances this 21challenge has provided me all along the way has truly been my saving grace. the other 21ers out there have all been so supportive and inspiring. i hope on the days i've been "up", i've been able to help motivate others because i've certainly relied on their strength throughout. thank you fellow 21ers. (and rhonna. girl. 10 miles yesterday? you are certainly an inspiration to so many - in such a variety of ways - thank you).

have an absolutely wonderful wednesday!
(BAM! i finished exactly before 7a.m. - my deadline)! i'm good.

black line art provided by rhonna & colored/decorated by ME!
the colored quote in the lower left also provided by rhonna and can be yours as well. just go here!


Geralyn Gray said...

Thanks for the energy boost this goes to show there are alternatives to food, soda or caffiene to get you going in the morning.....your post, comment, and music was just the boost I needed's going to be good day!!!!!

Traci said...

yay you! keep up the good work. your art is beautiful. we're almost to day 21 - stay strong!

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