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twelve, thirteen & FoURteEN!

Monday, September 21

we are on day 14 of the 21 challenge! over 1/2 way there!
here are my art journal entries that correspond:

( i struggled with this one - don't really like the end result - but clara liked it).?

(like the colors in this one).

according to clara, this one looks like something a grandmother would hang on her door. *snicker*
(i don't like it much either. was going to redo it but then i thought - "4 get it")

okay then. so onto the weekend recap:

uncle mike came over on saturday to visit. WITH THIS:

mike surprised us with lunch! almost $150 worth of artery clogging grub!
he DID get j and i salads since he knew we are still on our 21challenge.
(clara and ema had NO qualms about diving right into it).
thanks uncle mike - you are always so OVeR-tHe-tOp...we love you!

and then on sunday, i was forced to endure the temptation of THESE:

clara made a batch of her infamous chocolate chip cookies. (she's been making these weekly & selling them for $1 each at grandpa kirkland's office). the jar was completely full and you have no idea how badly i wanted to empty it! (and so did j). but we didn't. nope. we were strong. we are doing really good.

now. onto my monday duties. here's hoping we all "concentrate" on whatever goals are before us. whatever it is. we CAN do it!

all black line art images courtesy of miss rhonna farrer!

1 comment:

Geralyn Gray said...

I love your artwork with Rhonna's really catch the mood. Good job on resisting all the temptatation out there. I wrote my comment to you and read yours after and we both mentioned accountability and it's importance. It is a huge part of making the right choices---so good job with your challenge and the thought of doing it for ourselves, but also the need to do it for others and not letting others down.

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