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the finish line...

Monday, September 28

DAY 21 of the 21challenge is officially here. all i've got to do is keep sprinting to the finish's RIGHT in front of me. focus for the rest of today. i can almost feel the finish tape across my s l o w's a visual...arms raised in victory - the crowd cheering in the background - can you see it? sort of like the chariots of fire theme i've dubbed for today's song...*laughing* i thought the song would humor all of the other 21ers out there who have battled, struggled, persevered, endured and finally... brought it home - victory is right. here. FEEL IT! and FINISH - don't slow down. BRING IT! all the way to the finish line. we. are. there. by today's end...& with the rise of tomorrow's morning sun...we will be done. we will be victorious!

here's my art journaling from over the weekend....

(loving those "coils" i came up with - just a neat design element)

(i LOVE how the printer started running out of ink...
makes for a really cool effect. don'tcha think?)

and here's thee final art journal entry for today's picture-perfect FINISH!

and sooooo....what exactly did i accomplish over the last 21 days? there were 3 specific goals i had in mind. the first was to carve out some "me" time everyday. (at least 1 hour). i referred to this as my oxygen mask. i used the early hours of the a.m. to focus on creativity - the art journaling for the 21 challenge. let me just say: "it. was. wonderful!" it gave me just enough time to awake in the a.m. - before anyone else - and do what i love to do most. CREATE! this is a new habit i plan to continue. it's opened up an arsenal of creative energy for me. i've LOVED it.

my 2nd focus was to make sure to genuinely laugh aloud everyday - & just be positive. i'm happy to report not a day went by without the laughter! the effects have been magical for me. the "positive" outlook part of the challenge was definitely more of a struggle on certain days...but when i saw myself choosing a different path - i was able to quickly turn myself around. AWESOME!

and then the 3rd challenge i was faced with during these past 21 days was to avoid sugar, caffeine & carbs. (what was i thinking)? *wink* it. was. difficult. but i DID it. i got through it. and i could not be more proud.

i've learned so much about myself. thanks rhonna. thanks fellow 21ers! we ROCK!

*original art work available from rhonna - just click on the links above the art journaling.


Kim Strother said...

Jess- thank you for taking the time to reach out to me after reading my comment on Rhonna's blog. It's been very hard- and yet I have faith and I can see the blessings in the face of ever member of our family as they remember and honor and sister in law. I also know there is healing in sharing and creating. Thank you again. It means so much!! xoxo-Kim

Bonnie said...

Hi Jess, congrats on completing the 21 day challenge! I love your simple but so effective journaling and doodles!!

Renee said...

Hi, there, Jess,

Best Wishes,again, for completing the 21 day challenge. It was so much fun sharing it with you and the other 21'ers.

Oh, I loved your trip through Publix. That was so cool.

Thanks for sharing your art work, too. I admire your creativity.

Take care,


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