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Thursday, October 1

i loved this quote from the 5 book video the other day. did you actually go to the link i posted and watch it? if you didn't, you MUST go here. NOW). it's wonderfully inspirational and watching it every morning has become a ritual now.

once again, using my early morning time to be a little creative. kept it REALLY super simple by creating this quote & incorporated another of pantone's colors from their 2009 fall fashion palette. this one is called "honey yellow".

changed up my blog banner to reflect the first official day of october and i'll be adding a little more eye candy later today. (some of my work from the past...just for fun). thinking i'll also get the holiday decor out and get this house in the halloween holiday spirit. (we've got our door-bell ditching tradition to gear up for...shhhh).

okay all of you pumpkins...have a productive thursday - and don't forget to follow your dreams...

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