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picture-perfect (moment & weekend)

Monday, October 19

how about THIS picture-perfect polaroid of ella - taken this morning. she's been most fascinated with "toilette" paper...ripping it to shreds right off of the roll. it's become one of her most favorite things to do, as of late... she's lucky she's so darn cute...*wink*

hope you all had a beautiful weekend. the weather here was spectacular...highs in the upper 60's low 70's. it was "picture-perfect" weather - so that means it was also "perfect-picture" weather. which leads me to my happy announcement that my camera and i have officially become reunited... this comes after 6 weeks in repair and $310 dollars later). grrrrr! i was so happy to pick it up on friday. NOT so happy to hand over the money.

without my camera, i would have missed out on this:

may i introduce you to....

miss lily

i was lucky enough to be able to take pictures for her & her beautiful family over the weekend...
this picture was one of my favorite candids...look at those sure are beautiful miss lily... i'm looking forward to looking through the rest of their pictures.

i've got lots of running around to do today. but i wanted to mention that i was able to work on the little project i'm making for you. i'm hoping to share it with all of you on, watch for it.

in the meantime...make the most of your monday!

* i used that darn poladroid to convert my photo to a polaroid...yeah...i's cool, isn't it?

1 comment:

Ila said...

I love Ella's little stance in that picture! The way her body is bending to bend over. That is one of those things that goes away as they get older!

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