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happy "poladroid" friday...

Friday, October 16 friend celeste posts a link about "poladroid" and so i HAD to go check it out and play with it. (i mean afterall....if it's good enough for JT...then it's good enough for me...right?)

those are raw pics from this morning..."pre-getting ready for the day" pics. (shhh...hadn't even brushed my teeth yet...*laughing*)
but ella's tummy was full - that counts for something?

poladroid is easy. fun. and i love the sound effect it makes when you click and drag your photo into the polaroid icon. (and then it actually sits and develops on your a real polaroid) -! and honestly anything will make those phone pictures of mine look better. *wink*

polaroids are making a come back...just incase you didn't know. you can add polaroid effects to your photos by using rollip too. there's a new fuji instax camera that produces "mini" pics...and here's a side by side comparison that elsie did - a polaroid and a fuji - right next to each other.

here's to the start of a happy friday! and a great weekend...
what choo got?

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