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the beginnings of a mini-french bakery...

Friday, October 2

here's my creation during this morning's creative hour...
this is the beginning element of ella's 1st birthday party invite. i can't believe it's already october and i've basically got one month to finalize all of the different ideas i've had spinning around my brain for the past couple of months. i think my biggest challenge right now is deciding "for sure" on the color scheme of the party. these are the colors i've been focusing on:
i'm fighting my designer intuition/rules of choosing 3 colors at most. i thought if i at least kept it an odd number of colors i could still pull it off. BUT...i'm beginning to think i've got too many. i knew i wanted to tie in a couple of fall colors since her birthday is in november: chocolate brown & orange. but then i also knew i couldn't have a 1st birthday party WITHOUT PINK...come on! and then the blue came into the picture because my source of inspiration for the "french bakery" came from a set of bookmarks i have that have that "french bakery flair" to them and that was one of the colors. the creme brulee from pantone is just a great base color that helps balance/tie it all together - &'s a color i adore & it's sooo parisian.

and remember this:

and this:

(inspired by lollipop workshop)

those are the "in-process makings" of ella's cake topper. (see all of the colors together)?

so....that's my dilemma. i look at the colors together and think they are FABULOUS. they are bright & fun for a 1st birthday party - it just can't come across all a mis-match hodge-podgish ensemble. it must flow. and it must still come across one-year-old-little-girlish.

WWAD? (what would AMY do)? *wink* i'm thinking she would tell me to stick with more of a monochromatic color scheme...(using the salmon rose & chocolate brown). even though i was desperately trying to get away from the "overdone" pink/brown color scheme. you know...i might just twitter her and see if she responds...i'll let you know!

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