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in the thick of thin things...

Monday, October 5

loved this quote posted by @dearlizzy on twitter. (it was a reference from the lds conference yesterday). i decided to turn it into a work of art by incorporating it into the "scalloped circle" element i created this morning. i definitely feel like i can be in the thick of thin things at about you?

hope you all had a great weekend and i'm looking forward to a productive week.
i've got to finalize my thoughts on ella's birthday invite and get those finished. here are the magnetic bookmarks that helped inspire my idea for the "mini french bakery" theme for her party.

see my dilemma with the colors? aren't they JUST deliciously spectacular. seriously. (and no word back from amy...hmmm...she can't possibly be too busy for me?!) *wink*

oh...and one more random thing to share:

i ADORE bubble glass. it just makes me happy. if i could have all of the windows in my house filled with bubble glass, along with kitchen cabinet glass inserts...oh my heaven. i JUST love it.
(these cute little bowls were something i found at target). they are perfect for dipping sauces or for holding assorted ice cream toppings. (or possibly the cupcake decorating candies & sprinkles that may possibly be involved in the upcoming birthday party for little ella pie...hint...hint).

have yourselves a beautiful monday...and don't get caught up in the "thin things".

1 comment:

Renee said...

Jess, I really like the thick of thins thought and art work. It is really so true!! Great job!!

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