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a little sneaky peek...

Thursday, October 15

so after much deliberation, i've decided to give you a "sneaky peek" at ella's birthday invite. (i, of course would reveal the entire thing except that i know there are those of you out there who will be receiving these in the mail. and shouldn't there be SOME sort of element of surprise?...i think so?) *wink*

this is a "phone picture" taken straight from the computer monitor...image quality is lovely, isn't it? *snickering*

the colors are chocolate brown...wait a already KNOW the colors. i've only been dreaming up this little party for the last few months. you remember the colors from this post...nevermind the details then. (and by the way - the little ella pie turned 11 months old yesterday....*gasp*...followed by a really long *sigh*)

i'm working on something for all of you. something i'd like to share - just because i want to. it's a little something for the upcoming holiday...and i'm hoping you'll love it and use it and share it. (and now that i've mentioned it, i must be fully committed to finishing it for you - i LOVE the accountability). for must wait.

...enjoy the rest of your thursday!

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