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french lace cookies...

Friday, October 9

i've been itching to make these "french lace cookies" that i stumbled across a couple of weeks ago. i've never made them before and thought they might be something worth trying - & perhaps something i could have as part of ella's mini french bakery birthday party. (i know...i know...the party is still a month out and you are already tired of hearing about it).

anyway - here's how i spent part of my day on friday...won't you join me for some "french lace cookies - 101"...

please melt 10 TBSP. unsalted butter on low heat.

spread pecans on parchment lined baking sheet

don't these look scrumptious? these must be toasted for about 7 minutes @ 350.

while the pecans are toasting and the butter is melting prepare next ingredients

when pecans are done toasting...see how golden brown they've turned?
and i must admit they smelled delicious too.

after cooling for a minute or two these morsels must be chopped into small pieces.

butter is all done melting. it's time to add brown sugar.

after making sure there aren't any lumps in the brown sugar, kindly add the corn syrup, cream, vanilla & salt.

after mixing, stir in the flour, oats and chopped pecans.

tasty looking concoction...isn't it?

spoon 1 tsp. onto cookie sheet. it's very important to have them at least 3 inches apart.

wow - after 7 minutes of baking....
look how big they are.

and how thin, too. craziness!
let them cool for 2 minutes and then remove to cooling rack with metal spatula.

in sweden, the "rolled-up" version is apparently popular.
so i attempted it with my mini fondant roller. pretty good. kind of big though.
(and this must be done while the cookies are still warm)

so then i tried something with a smaller circumference; my wire whisk. - a little bit better.

how about just rolling it up with my hands? hmmm? too small?

here are the three side-by-side.
they are okay. i think i'll just leave them flat.

this is the reason they call them "lace" cookies.
when you hold them up to a light source there's a see-thru pattern resembling lace.
this picture almost makes them look like rice krispies?
they taste NOTHING like rice krispies though.

i decided the first batch is too big.
so instead of using 1 tsp. per cookie, i only used 1/2 tsp. this time.

the 1/2 tsp. were better but then i thought "why not make a "mini" size to go along with...
you guessed it....ella's mini french bakery theme.

so i tried 1/8 tsp. instead.
that is hardly ANY batter people. look at that!

even with that small amount of still produced a good-sized cookie.
here are all three.

i ended up eating quite a bit of these, unfortunately. i mean, they are so light and crisp that it hardly feels like you are eating anything. i think they were "okay". they weren't the most fabulous cookie i've ever eaten but they were "different". and i like different. and if you want to make a lot of cookies with a little bit of dough....THIS is the cookie recipe for you. i figured i could get 210+ cookies using the 1/8 tsp...isn't that ridiculous?

so...not sure if i'll make these for ella's party or not. they are delicate cookies. but again...there would be plenty to feed a crowd? (still thinking)

hope you have a marvelous monday. i have some fun things to share tomorrow.

oh...and if you want the recipe to the cookies, it can be found here.

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