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eat your brussel sprouts...

Friday, April 24

brussel sprouts? yes, there are brussel sprouts in this scumptious homemade chicken soup recipe...and the kids can't even tell they are in there! deb wanted this recipe so i thought i'd post it - for any of you interested. this is a scrumptious version of homemade chicken soup from the eat-clean diet for family & kids cookbook. (i write notes on all of the recipes i try, not only for my reference but for when my children inherit my recipes/cookbooks - so look at the notes). for those of you who don't do the "orzo pasta" - you could always substitute a brown rice pasta of your choice for healthier eating. (or eliminate it altogether). so go ahead - make yourself a pot and eat your brussel sprouts! (side note - i am NOT a lover of brussel sprouts...but i love this soup). enjoy!

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Valerie Koop said...

Yum. Thanks for sharing. We had SNOW here yesterday, and this is just the sort of cold weather food that sounds good.

Val (from Snapshots)

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