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Tuesday, September 22

it's day 15 people. (honestly....shhhh....keep this between you and i....i'm losing steam). there. i said it. but it's ONLY 6 more days. that's what i keep telling myself. i'm fully dedicated to continuing the "laughing outloud" everyday and "putting on the oxygen mask" too. BUT - the no carbs and no sugar is suuuccchhh a struggle. it's difficult. VERY difficult. what my goal will be at the end of this journey is just to incorporate those elements with a very systematic approach. slowly....but surely. *wink* no. seriously. my biggest challenge will be to overcome my desire to "make up" for lost time, if you know what i mean. (bear with me here - i'm talking outloud & you just happen to be a part of it because you are reading this - *wink*) the point of the 21 challenge is to establish NEW habits. this isn't about just "getting through" 21 days to fall back into old patterns. THAT'S what i've got to remember and take with me from this experience.

anyway - back on track. here's my art journaling.

"it takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan" - eleanor roosevelt

i've been getting up between 5-5:30a.m. every morning, (except on weekends), to make lunch for j but then also to have some sacred quiet creative time. i print the inspirational quote from rhonna each morning and then give myself until 7a.m. to work on it. promptly at 7a.m. - (well, USUALLY promptly), the rest of the house is ready to rock n' roll - ema getting ready for school, ella wanting to get up and eat & clara helping with ella during my transport of ema to school. so....that dedicated morning time has been soooo necessary for me. i refer to this as my "oxygen mask" & i definitely plan on using it on a continuous basis. ( i may change it up as the need arises, but the point is to carve out some time where i'm doing something that brings me absolute joy and fills up "jessica, the person" - not jessica, the mom/daughter/partner/sibling, etc.).

anywho - scanner beds take all the fun out of glitter, mirrors & anything shiny or "bling-worthy". so, unfortunately, you can't see the glitz all over today's art journal post. it's got such a "royal-esque" feel to it. (notice i used purple which is symbolic of royalty)? i actually cut rhonna's art up because i printed it too large - which then allowed me to tilt the crown and have the scrollwork come in front & in back of the "wish" part. i also used "glimmer mist" from tattered angels & spritzed the background. (thanks dina, for making me take the free sample from cha). and then i used "metallic rub-ons" to add the purple accenting to the scrollwork. one of my favorite things to use to make things "special" are "stickles". on this page, i used "icicle stickles". (again, you can't see it because of the scan).

enough about that. here's some exciting footage that i know the grandparents are going to eat up! (please excuse ella's attire - she was not dressed fashionably for this momentous occasion, as it occurred just before bedtime lastnight. (no headband? no pants - for cryin' outloud? & a shirt that's getting too small?...nice). OH! and be sure to scroll down & pause the music so you can enjoy the video.

i love that clara and ema were cheering her on - those were THEE most consecutive steps she's taken, to date. we were a little bit excited...can't you tell? (unfortunately, j was in the other room on the phone - but at least we got it on video for him)! yea!!!

enjoy. i must tend to little ella-pie - she's taken her 20 minute nap and is ready to get up?!


Geralyn Gray said...

I WISH for you to get your steam back....and I had thought of after 21 days I hope I don't drink every mountain dew in sight.....because I really did feel sluggish during this challenge and feel I need something to get my energy back.

Angela said...

J - I'm SO proud of you (amazed and in awe to be honest). That is one tough challenge you are undertaking. Keep in up girl - you are almost there. You've inspired me to *possibly* try something similar (but much shorter - maybe a 7 day challenge). Love the video of Ella taking her first (lots) of steps - YAY!! So so sweet.

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