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day 3 down - 17 more to go

Friday, September 11

DAY 3 was quite successful. It was a tremendous help that I was actually "feeling" better. (the cold is lingering but the fog has lifted).

Quick recap:

DAILY OXYGEN MASK: My 1 hour of solace in the a.m. - blogging and getting my art journaling done. (heaven)
POSITIVE THINKING/BEING GRATEFUL/LAUGHING OUT LOUD - I laughed out loud A LOT yesterday. (taking Ema to school in the morning and lots of laughter with Ella during the day).
EATING PLAN: Once again - quite successful. I tortured myself, (as well as J), by baking miniature orange muffins to go along with our chicken salad and fruit kabobs for dinner. (the girls "scarfed" them down while genuinely doing the whole "mmmm...these are sooo good"). Good news though: the muffins can be frozen! So, I've got a nice little stash in the freezer for sampling after the challenge is over. *wink*

and drumroll please....

My art journaling for DAY 3 includes both of the rhonna creations, straight from her site. I shrunk them down to fit onto my journaling page and then added some flowers & brads, a little bit of quick scroll-work, some journaling and chalking around the edges of the word "effective". (I broke out the "chalks" baby...we're talkin' old-school). *wink*

Onto DAY 4 - keyword: imagination! And thanks to all of the other 21ers out there - the support we're offering each other is spreading like wildfire...AWESOME!

Hoping everyone has a super fantastic weekend. Mine involves this:

(notice the background music).
J got these tickets for us for a private "acoustical" concert - sponsored by one of the suppliers for the company he works for. I'm hoping it's a quaint, small crowd. Uncle Mike is supposed to be babysitting...(nervously biting my fingers and wondering how in the world I'm supposed to leave the house for 4-5 hours). It's got nothing to do with Mike's abilities to care properly for Ella - it's my worry about how she's going to be for him. I'll be mortified if she ends up screaming/crying the entire time. *huge sigh*

And so - here's where my "positive thinking goal" kicks in. "Jess, everything will be perfectly fine. It's only a few hours. Even if Ella doesn't go to sleep for Mike, he'll entertain her and feed her cheerios the entire night. It's FINE."

Again, have a wonderful weekend everyone - (and wish Uncle Mike "good luck"). *wink*


Becky (Daisyduster) said...

Ohhh Thank You so much for your sweet comment on my blog! Yes, we can do it! Myself, I've got some organizing to do...and that will be a BIG help.

Have a GREAT weekend!

Vicki said...

Mike told me he was babysitting! I said "YOU...Big Uncle Mike is watching Ella! I hope he doesn't eat all her Cheerios!!

Unknown said...

Vicki - Mike did a WONDERFUL job lastnight. (he had some assistance from Nicole). *wink* In fact, Ella fell asleep in Nicole's arms and she put her in her crib & she was out for the night. (until 12:30 - ask j about that). *smiling*

Bonnie said...

lovely page! sounds like you had a good day!

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