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"cute-a-licious" clothespin dolls

Monday, September 7

the girls and i spent our labor day making chocolate chip cookies, crumb-topped apple pie and these cute-a-licious clothespin dolls. (these dolls were inspired by the lollipop workshop over at etsy).

this one was made by my 10 year old ema...
she did a fabulous job & i love that she incorporated the quote
that runs along the edge of the wooden stand.
it says, "life isn't about waiting for the rain to stop. it's about learning how to dance in the rain".
(i totally DID NOT encourage/hint to her to do that - it was a thought completely on her own).

and then this one was created by clara - my 13 year old.
she chose to use a "book" theme which is so apropos since she's a total book lover.
she thought of every concept all on her own - the log, the little scarf, the book and
ultimately the sign with a quote tying in the "reading" theme.
the quote says: "a book is like a garden carried in the pocket"

i am so super proud of them. i thought they did a super fantastic job. this was our very first attempt and it was about a 5 hour process. (phew). and what was the most spectacular thing about the entire day? the girls managed to ignore/put up with my VERY grumpy mood and were able to complete some awesome creative projects despite my VERY grumpy mood. (did i mention i was in a VERY grumpy mood? why was i so grumpy? many different factors play into the reasons behind my unacceptable attitude. but the MAIN reason was that i tend to get frustrated when i can't just sit down and have some fun too...and ella just wouldn't allow that - not that she ever does...*wink*

hope you all had a wonderful labor day - and i hope no one was as grumpy as i was. *wink*

* did you notice i didn't post a picture of the doll i created? well...i managed to paint a head...with no face or wasn't really worth posting a flesh colored ball. *laughing* (i'm still a little grumpy about it).


Brandi, New Orleans, LA said...

Just found your posts from TomKat Studio. Gorgeous stuff! Love love love your little clothespin doll! I've been saying I was going to make one several months (also inspired by Lollipop Workshop), but may now have the courage to just do it. Question- where did you buy your clothespin dolls & stands? Thanks for your beautiful blog. PS- Your young girls made awesome dolls too!! Probably will put mine to shame!

Unknown said...

on my first go around i bought the clothespin dolls, heads & stands at joann's. HOWEVER, i ended up finding some "real wooden clothespins" at Ace Hardware and the tips are "egg shaped" versus a fat rounded end. I found these to be easier to pivot the dolls heads. (although the legs don't fit snug into the base like the ones from joann's). i ended up just stuffing the base with paperclay, inserted the doll and let them both dry. i think it worked pretty good. you can paint right over the paperclay to hide it! voila! let me know if that helped! & thanks for visiting & commenting,,,

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