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"conQuer" day 18

Friday, September 25

good morning! it's day 18 of the challenge. only 4 more days left. (i will be celebrating come tuesday)! the focus word: "conquer". what a perfect word & perfect timing to help us, (me), push through to the end. it's friday - and i'm struggling to convey the same energy i had yesterday. (i went back and made "good morning" huge and colored it orange to help get me going - whatever it takes). i've got a great attitude - i'm looking forward to the day, i know i will succeed...i'm just looking for the same energy i had yesterday. hello? energy? where are you? i know. music! music always helps fill me up. sooo...i immediately thought of the song "lose my breath" by destiny's child. focus soley on "can you keep up?" and the awesome "band-type drum playing" in the background. makes me soooo want to march strong to the finish. okay - that music helped me. how about you?

let's "conquer" the next 4 days! who's with me?
Happy Friday! Hello Weekend!

*did you see the "mini cuteness" post from yesterday? scroll down. it's soooo schweeter!
*get the original artwork from rhonna - i just added my own touch to it.

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DeeDee said...

Oy! thanks for stopping by my blog leaving me encouragement..I see I need to come leave you some too....the one day you know you have succeeded is not far away...I send one of my angels to give you the courage to push forward with the goal you have set....Hugs and thanks so much for making my day specail..


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