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"bOoM BoOm POW!"

Thursday, September 24

so originally i changed up the music on my blog to reflect the message in my art journal was the theme to rocky. (you know: "finish line", "strength", "victory", "focus"). however, i believe a remix of the theme is due because it felt sooooo 70-ish that it didn't reflect the enthusiasm behind the energy i feel today. soooo....i picked one of my favorite songs to exercise to instead. it always seems to kick me in "gear" when i hear it - so i hope it has the same effect on you today.

let's STAY motivated...let's keep this challenge ROcKin' and for those of you who may not be feelin' it today...let me help pull you up like you've done for me on the days i was a bit low...cause i'm FEELIN' it today. we are almost there... DO NOT give up. we've GOT THIS!

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Roberta said...

You go I've got this beat in my head. You're too cute. Thanks for the inspiration today, fondly, Roberta

Roberta said...

oh yeah...and the fact that you are this awake so early in the am with little ones in the amazing! R

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