Thursday, September 24

mini cuteness...

quick post just to showcase some things i've been working on. no details today. more information to come. (know that these are still a work in progress - need to add arms to doll, finish dress, etc.) for now - they were just too cute to NOT share...enjoy !

in the midst of all of the mess...look at the cuteness (ahhhh!)

here's a close-up of that adorable paperclay cupcake & wire chair i made last week.
finally painted and "stickled it" today
i thought the "doily" was the perfect touch.

here's a closer look...see the "stickle" sugar?
here are the two together - as they should be.
love her! love the cupcake! love the chair.
i'm awesome, if i do say so myself!
thanks for looking - & there is a purpose to this cuteness. (shhh...don't tell ella - but it could something related to her upcoming 1st birthday party?) shhhh...*wink*


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