Tuesday, April 7

just ONE of my "terrific kids"....

here's a video from this a.m. - ema was being awarded "terrific kid of the month" at her school. i put a little "motion picture" together using the software directly included on the flip. it's a very amateurish attempt...but i hope you enjoy it anyway! very proud of em..... and happy tuesday to you all!

(this video was edited and re-posted on april 9th at ema's request. (she wanted the miley song added as the background music...*smile*)  this new video was created using iMovie.)


Angela Gerber April 8, 2009 at 12:59 AM  

jess - this video was so sweet. what a proud day - it makes me look forward to being a mom to school aged kids - soon!! congrats to ema. her lil cheerleader made me laugh outloud.

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