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just not in my dna

Wednesday, February 11

why is it that everything seems to be hectic and crazy in my life.? is it really that i'm all that unorganized.? i feel like i try to plan and schedule things appropriately. is it that i'm not prioritizing? there are some people out there - we all know who they are - that seem to plan their know, with goals of accomplishing things. and you know what? they get it all done...every single bit of it and then squeeze in something unexpected just because. & then there is me...i'm on the opposite end of the spectrum. i make lists. in fact, i've been told i LOVE to make lists. lists are important. they are reminders to me of what needs to be done - because obviously i need to be reminded. i think it's because i am so much like my daughter ema...i am easily distracted. distracted by the things in life that are REALLY important. you know...making someone's favorite cookies @ the last minute because i suddenly felt the urge to brighten their day. or sitting down and doing something creative instead of vacuuming because you know what...vacuuming will always need to be done. (along with laundry, dishes, chores, etc.). don't get me wrong. i believe an organized home leads to a much more happy family, etc. i just don't think it's in my dna to sacrifice creativity for sensibility. yes, that's an admission perhaps? hopefully not one i'll regret - it's who i am. plain & simple. (well maybe not REALLY plain & simple, perhaps more like creative &'s who i am. and as in life, i cannot control everything. i am better off accepting who i am and embracing it. i need to stop swimming against the current - in all phases of my life. i will only tire myself out and miss all the beautiful things floating by. so all of you out there who may feel "less than" or "guilty" for what you consider to be a character flaw of some know what? it's who you are. it's who i am. it's who we are. it's us. period. now go out there and do the backstroke. (or doggy paddle or maybe just float for a bit)?? *big wink and a smile*

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Lianne Barr said...

Hi Jessica! Ila told me about your blog. I am so glad to see what you are up to! Your little baby girl is so sweet. And I really hear ya about having to nurse and get everything else done! I love all of your creative projects. I wish I was more like that!

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